January 16, 2017

Should you invest in a Legacy Wedding Album?

Artifact Uprising Layflat Wedding Album

I’m sure you’ve had this thought cross your mind: Should I invest in a wedding album? Usually it’s a quick thought and the answer is “not today….I can always do that later.” Chances are you won’t…it just becomes another thing on your to-do list, and as the time keeps passing, you’ll just keep putting it off.

Below is a list of reasons we think it is worth the investment:

Digital copies can be lost

We live in the Digital Age, people. ‘Why would I pay for an album, when I can look at them online anytime I’d like to?’ – The average Joe. Let’s be real here: How often do you actually go online and look at your images? Yes, we do give our clients an online viewing gallery, but we highly encourage them to PRINT. PRINT. PRINT! Hard drives crash. Computers die. Files get lost. Your wedding day is your most important day, something you cannot redo – the emotion, the moments, the joy – all that you were feeling that day, it can’t be redone. If you print your images and store them in an album, you will always have them to look back on if those files did happen to get lost.

Technology is rapidly changing

We tend to trust technology more than we should. Though it is an amazing thing, we have to keep in mind that it is always changing. Our parents wedding video were recorded on a VHS player. Our wedding video is on a CD. Now-a-days computers are being made without disk drives, and you have to purchase a portable drive. What’s that tell you about technology in the future? It’s amazing how rapidly it’s changing, but it’s challenging as well. If you create an album, you won’t have to worry about not having the right device to see your images / watch your video!

Preserve your memories forever

It’s hard to believe that you could forget a moment…especially one that gave you so much emotion…but the truth is, friends, memories tend to fade over time. You will probably remember the general feeling of emotion that came over you in that moment, but the exact feeling, you just cannot fully remember. Your vows, for example, whether hand-written or traditional, were an exchange between two people who are deeply committed to each other. They are said with joy, devotion, and respect. The images captured while they’re being said will help you remember that exact moment.

You can look at them any time

A wedding album is perfect for your living room coffee table! When you have friends come over, I guarantee they will notice it and pick it up with excitement! Its exciting for people who weren’t a part of your wedding day and see all of the beautiful details that made your day so special. If you have your prints or an album lying around, it’s really special to look over together as husband and wife on every anniversary.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Wedding Album

Artifact Uprising Layflat Wedding AlbumArtifact Uprising Layflat Wedding AlbumArtifact Uprising Layflat Wedding Album


We do offer a hand-curated wooden box of prints, as well as a wedding album with our Platinum Package, as well as an a-la-carte option! If you can’t tell based on this post, we highly, highly, highly, highly…..highly….suggest them! Make your memories a reality!


Mandi & Haylee

  1. Kayanne says:

    I should do that! Haven’t done anything with my wedding pictures yet. These look beautiful! Love the album!

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