February 26, 2020

Rosemary Beach Proposal, Kyle + Kayla

Rosemary Beach Surprise Proposal Lily & Sparrow Photo

The Plan…

Don’t you even dare scroll quickly to get the shot where Kyle got down on one knee to ask Kayla to be his bride…don’t you do it! You have to know the backstory first. One day Kyle called me telling me he wanted to plan a surprise beach proposal (insert jaw drop here) when their families came down for vacation. As giddy as I was, I had to play it cool. Is it professional to squeal?? Proposals are a top favorite! I was terrified of ruining the surprise and emailing or calling and Kayla see the message. I would feel so awful if I ruined a surprise of a lifetime! We had to plan out when we were able to talk so she wouldn’t be around. Whew. Kyle had a plan to take a walk down on the beach when they got in town and watch the sunset and that would be go-time. Meanwhile, their families were down on the beach with us setting up THE spot (see above image!) with seashells in the shape of a heart. And everyone said, “Awww!”


Two of us were down on the beach hiding behind seagrass while the other two were by the main beach access in Rosemary. As soon as we saw Kyle and Kayla walking down the boardwalk we had to bolt and make sure we wouldn’t be seen! The light was soft, the waves were gorgeous, and the night was perfect. He dropped down on one knee and asked to spend the rest of his life with her. Kayla was torn between feeling completely shocked and ready to burst with excitement! They literally had just flown in town and suddenly became a fiance! She of COURSE said YES!

We are so happy for you two! Marriage is the sweetest gift.

Now, you may scroll down. Try not to cry when you see Kayla’s dad’s face when he sees her!


Mandi and Haylee

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